Ugly Duckling - or Beauty under the Calico?

We get regular commissions to carry out at your Men’s Shed. Tables that wobble,
man-cave signs to engrave, wonky wheeled toys to persuade straight again, and treasures to
uncover beneath decades of yuck. 
We were ready when Alice brought a piano stool she had bought at a bargain price
from a well-known antique store. Loose legs? Reattached and firm for more fortissimos and
then polished. But that calico covering! All torn at one corner and, frankly, puzzling.
Carefully removing the rough material, Bruce and Michael discovered exquisite
brocade fabric looking as new as ever. With help from our resident seamster Wayne and
Bruce’s wife Lee, a small tear in the corner pleat was repaired and trim sewn on. 
We at the Shed love to see the reaction of our customers when we do the Big Reveal,
and Alice – she was delighted indeed. 
So, bring along your ugly duckling to the Men’s Shed, and let’s see what we can do.
And yes, he can be the man in your life!    
And we would love to thank all the visitors to our Open Day who enjoyed their visit, a
sausage sanger or two, a gift for Mum, and a cuppa with a cake.
And we enjoyed Morning Tea and a chat with David Wilkinson, a speaker from
Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia, as the leadup to our Walk for Prostate Cancer in mid-
June, a great event that everyone can join.