Kids Korner Block Box

1998 was an excellent year. It was the year that Gilbert and Patricia De Vincenzo
changed their lives and their young familys direction and bought Kids Korner Preschool on
Laurina Avenue in the Burgh. Gilbert had worked as a Telstra engineer for many years and
was looking for a new chapter in his familys life. 
And since Gilbert and Patricias daughters Lisa and Yvette were involved in Primary
and Early Childhood teaching, the match with Kids Korner was understandable. And this
year, their granddaughter Estelle, also Primary and Early Childhood trained, completed her
first year of full-time work with the Preschool.
 The families of this delightful little school are very involved with their kid's
education and learning. The school is a Superhero for the Heartkids Foundation, joining the
fight against congenital heart disease.
 But there was one little fly in the ointment!
 Every Kindy needs a block set. To lay out on the floor and drive cars and trains on.
To clack together at Music Circle time. And to put those budding little engineers to work,
building tall towers of timber, just in time for little (insert your childs name here) to come by
and accidentally knock them down.
 But the Kids Korner block set was as old as the school itself. While it enjoyed a
Gilbert-inspired makeover in the early years, the blocks were worn and tired, with a few
suspicious teeth marks….
So, Rosie of the Morning Brew and her five-year-old daughter Amelia got together
with the kindy parents, selling Bitesize FUNraising Cookies, delicious with a cuppa.
The FUNds raised supported the Super Tee Australian company that makes medical
garments for sick children. Rosies been wonderfully involved in our community for over
seven years, with her little coffee van dispensing delicious beverages and food to local
businesses, charities, and events not just in Helensburgh but all around our area. And when a
need arises in a local family, Rosie can be counted on to help.
One of the first commissions of the Burgh Mens Shed in 2017 was to build a six-
seater play car, which is used daily in the playroom at Kids Korner and that the kids love
very much –it even has two steering wheels. So, the Preschool and Rosie asked us to create a
new set of play blocks for the school. 

Ian Jackson, a founding member of the Shed, and a few blokes designed and made
lots of new blocks, a few extra-curvy ones for the kids to enjoy, and a new box to keep them
tidy. And looking at those pictures, the adults seem to enjoy them too. Ooh! Those big kids!
It was a pleasure to see three local enterprises get together to be a blessing to the
families and children in our area. The pride and joy that the De Vincenzo family, Rosie, and
the Men's Shed blokes take in Laying the Building Blocks for Our Childrens Futures made a
lovely gift to the kids.