2508 November 2018 Article

2508 November Article


I’ve never turned a screwdriver in my life!


Whilst some of our Men’s Shed members have a trade background, most do not, with work lives ranging from teachers to clerks, managers, bus drivers and gardeners. When a bloke like this joins the Shed, it’s an honour to share our knowledge and skills as he begins his first project, be it a personal one, like fixing a grandsons bike, or making a garden screen for a lovely old lady, or turning a wood base on the lathe for a family heirloom Christmas tree. It has been very rewarding to be involved with these men as they ‘have a go’, learning skills and methods from others in the Shed. And we learn how to grow a garden to park the teacher’s bus in!

            On a Men’s Health note, the writer has had the challenge, along with his family, of helping a loved one who is in the early stages of dementia. The Men’s Shed movement is actively accepting of dementia sufferers. In the Shed all social barriers are removed. No matter background, religion or race, level of education or profession the common denominator is that we are all men in a male friendly environment. One of the great problems of dementia is the social isolation it can cause. Social inclusion and shared experiences with open and accepting colleagues and friends are essential to a happy life. More so if that life involves dementia.

“Dementia Australia is convinced about the efficacy of the Men’s Shed movement in providing beneficial opportunities for older men dealing with dementia. With one in ten Australians over 65 expected to be diagnosed with dementia, sheds need to be open and inclusive to men dealing with dementia. I cannot imagine that the Men’s Shed movement will be anything other than open, compassionate, generous and accepting. They are justly seen as leaders in the growing push for dementia friendly communities”. The Hon John Watkins, CEO, Dementia Australia NSW.

            As we continue our search for a Helensburgh-based permanent Men’s Shed, we are actively lobbying Local, State and Federal government departments. We are outgrowing the generously provided hall at Stanwell Park, and aim to help more men with varied mental and physical health issues, and grow the Sheds wide appeal to the community.

It was also great to again meet so many people at the Lions Club Country Fair, with the Shed’s stall activities, products and displays drawing the crowds. A BIG Thank You to the 2508 Community for your continued and generous support.


The Helensburgh Men’s Shed meets at the Anglican Church Hall, Stanwell Avenue, Stanwell Park on Mondays and Tuesdays, 9am-3pm.

Visitors are very welcome, come on in, say hello, and see what your Shed is up to.