2508 February 2019 Magazine Article

2508 February 2019 Magazine Article

The shed cleanout. Tidying the garage. ‘I’ve told you for the last time, get that stuff out of here!!’ Downsizing. Making the other half happy. Dealing with the difficulties of a deceased estate. Moving house. Whatever it’s called, or however it’s come about, what to do with often perfectly good ‘stuff’ can be a real problem for many people.

Whilst the Helensburgh Men’s Shed doesn’t have all that much room at the moment, we are always very happy to visit and have a look at whatever you’re needing to dispose of, be it old timber or offcuts, small furniture items, power tools, hand tools, machines, whatever. It’s so encouraging to see something brought back to a useful life, rather than it end up as landfill, burnt or wasted.

So, please let us know if we can help you with one of life’s challenges; making the best use of what could be viewed as junk.

I reckon about 80% of what we offer for sale is created and crafted from the ‘5 R’s;

Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle. Restore. REIMAGINE. We love it.

Also, a very important event is coming up; the Helensburgh Men’s Shed Annual General meeting will be held at 7:30pm, Tuesday 19th February at the Helensburgh Tradies, always a great place to get together in the ‘Burgh.

We will be offering new membership, updates on our search for a permanent Helensburgh-based Shed, examples of our projects and activities for men’s health and much more. And ladies, we would love to have you come along as well to this evening to learn more about the Shed and it’s benefits to your man.

Your Helensburgh Men’s Shed is open Monday and Tuesday 9am to 3pm at 54 Stanwell Avenue Stanwell Park, next to Stanwell Park School.