HMS July 2019 2508 Article

HMS July 2019 2508 Article

More than wood and metal.

I am often asked, ‘What do you guys do at the Shed?’ (‘Tinkering’ is a phrase that often offends; tinker indeed!) Yes, we make wood and metal articles, toy’s, furniture, animal homes, repair things, make dreams into reality.

But here’s the thing. We also talk. A lot. About man stuff. About the dark places we may have been. The brokenness of humans, and if they can be fixed (yes, they can).

It’s not all black though. We garden. Fresh rocket and oregano in our lunch (soup or artisan bread made by a member) is wonderful. We stretch our minds, with chess, or books, or design, or deep conversation. We tell sometimes hilariously funny stories.

We nurture and treasure friendships. And weep with those who have lost one so close.

Do you see yourself, or perhaps someone close, in this story?

Come along, grab a bowl of soup, dip in a chunk of bread, and we’ll have a chat.

The Helensburgh Men’s Shed,

199A Parkes Street Helensburgh.

Open Mondays and Tuesdays 9-3,

with more to come.

Michael Croft 0413401522

Ron Balderston 0410564752