January 2020 2508 HMS Article

January 2020 2508 HMS Article

This Year at Your Men’s Shed

Whether it’s greeting a new member from Coalcliff, Engadine, Grays Point or the Burgh, or working at a bench with an old mate, the Men’s Shed will have lots to offer in 2020 for men aged from 18 up.

Lots of Men’s Health initiatives, giving us insights into skin checks, preventing injuries, cardiovascular disease, mental disorders, backpain, substance abuse and prostate cancer.

And we’ll continue serving the 2508 Community with projects like the Glow Worm Tunnel Railway Station sign, a beautiful Australian Army Reserve Award, building play equipment, crafting holding crosses for Holy Cross Church, fauna boxes for local environmental groups and restoring historic Helensburgh machinery; and then there’s Pizza, Artisan bread or Soup days – Yum.

Be sure to watch the short video on our website, for a great insight into what we are about:


We meet Mondays and Tuesday 9am - 3pm with more days to come. We aim to be a safe place where a man can go and find something useful to do and someone friendly to talk to. We have two workshops; one for metalwork and one for woodwork. We also have a meeting room for cards, board games and quiet conversation as well as a small garden plot. All men from 2508 are welcome. Applications from men outside the area are considered as space permits.

The Shed is at 199A Parkes Street Helensburgh, and will re-open January 20.


Mike Croft 0413401522            Ron Balderston 0410564752             info@helensburghmensshed.org.au