April 2021 HMS 2508 Article

April 2021 HMS 2508 Article

Serving our Community is a Pleasure

Here at your Men’s Shed we get many requests; repair an old chair, create a cherished toy, bring a mirror back to life or restore an old baker’s oven.

And a recent commission for a local resident was truly a privilege. One of our local ladies had sadly lost her beloved husband recently. To show her great respect and love for him, she asked us to create a forever chest, a safe and beautiful resting place for his remains. This was a lovely project to do, designing something simple and elegant, using beautiful Australian hardwoods rescued from old logs in its creation and working with the client to fulfil her wishes.

Such a lovely way to serve our Community. Thank you for trusting us to carry out this job.

And the Shed gives a huge thank you for some very generous donations. Greg and Lorelle Watts of the Burgh Post Office, Chris Rolfe from Innovation Body Works and Mike and Gail Tribe from The Best Hardware Store in Town; thank you for helping improve our men’s health.

Now; were you born on Wednesday the 19th of May, 1954? Please contact us, and I’ll show you why it’s a special day…

All donations to the Men’s Shed are tax deductible. We are open for business, COVID-19 safe and full of laughter, fun and meaningful stuff.

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