May 2021 HMS 2508 Article - Vale Tony

May 2021 HMS 2508 Article

Stroke. The very word chills you. A drooping eye, slurred speech, an arm swinging uselessly; a life-sentence of uselessness.

NO. Keep on reading. One of our newer members, Rodney, is a Stroke Survivor. And not just surviving. Here’s his story.

He’s in the bush a few years back, protecting Australia as an Army Reservist, when he’s not being an RFS volunteer, dad, husband or ANSTO worker. And then, boom, the stroke hits. In the bush. A long way from help. And that’s key to minimizing strokes long-term damage. His mates do what they can, but he’s pretty buggered. Then rehab starts. His missus is strong for him, and his two girls. His close friends rally, and help wherever they can. Engadine Connect church is a blessing, taking Rod to physio and talking through stuff.

Then he and his mate and carer Peter hear about the Burgh Men’s Shed. Come on down, have a chat with us, and find such reassurance and friendliness that they join up. He has a few rocky days, tires easily, but he keeps on, reinventing methods to use tools, hold the project, do the things he used to before they were snatched away. 

And here he is, with a possum box he made for a friend, one-handed, with a little help from a shedder. Surviving? Way better than that.

Recognise a Stroke: use the F. A. S. T. check.

Face drooped?  Arms drifting? Speech slurred? Time record and ring an Ambulance.

Your Men’s Shed, open for business, COVID-19-safe and full of laughter, fun and meaningful stuff.

And for our very good friend, and founding Shed member;

Vale, Tony Wooley; dedicated, full of humour and courage through a difficult illness, the Nought’s and Crosses gamesman with always a smile and a joke to welcome new blokes, loved by Kay and his kids, the bloke who wore his Shed Cap everywhere with pride; you won’t be forgotten.

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