Going Strong since 2016

A bunch of blokes from Helensburgh, Otford, and Stanwell Park got together
in 2016. ‘Let’s start a Men’s Shed,’ they said. ‘It’s been tried before, but let’s make it
happen this time. Plenty of land in the Burgh, we’ll be right.’
Here are three of them, creating a tabletop for a local café.
Hope Church and the Anglicans lent their support, more blokes joined up, and
the Shed was born, in the Stanny Park Anglican Hall.
So, we began. Making possum boxes, a play car for a Kindy, garden seats for
people, toy trucks, rolling pins, and holding crosses. All the time looking for a bit of
land on which to build our shed.
Our men have benefited from health chats, good tucker, Rosie's morning
coffee, and of course lots of laughter.
Now we’re in the Burgh, since 2019. And we are a lot closer, we hope, to
getting that land.
Still serving the 2508 Community, working shoulder to shoulder, through
covid, through the rains and the sunshine, creating Glowworm tunnel signs, rescuing
our heritage, helping peoples dreams come into reality – and there are lots of our
cheeseboards out there!
Come and be a part of something good – your Men’s Shed.