February 2020 2508 HMS Article

February 2020 2508 HMS Article

Men’s Shed Twenty-Twenty

The recent and ongoing bushfires in our beautiful country have been a sobering reminder of ‘her beauty and her terror’, visited upon people, homes, stock and wildlife. The response across Australia helping all those affected has been so wonderful. With our native animals in crisis the Shed has possum, bird and microbat nesting boxes available to anyone interested in helping out in this way.

We have been hard at work installing a dust extraction machine and ducting into the timber workshop to make your Shed as safe as possible, with generous assistance from Chris Parks of the Burgh and a grant from the Stronger Communities Program. And although the Shed can’t at the moment be ‘net zero’ in our emissions, we have always and still do practice the Six ‘R’s of sustainability;

Recycle, Repurpose, Reuse, Restore, Reimagine, Repair…awesome.

Scrap timber becomes kids toys or kindling, our sawdust is used by gardeners for compost and by animal lovers for bedding, we rescue old machines, tools and furniture from landfill, turn weed-beds into veggie gardens, use keep cups for our Morning Brew (or use the paper cups for seedlings, paint etc), rescue local historical items to preserve and enhance our history, make the most of just about anything; the list is endless.

We would love to meet you at the Shed, hear your ideas and help with your project.

All men eighteen and above are welcome.


For news and information visit our website,

helensburghmensshed.org.au   or   info@helensburghmensshed.org.au


199A Parkes Street Helensburgh

9-3 Monday and Tuesday and more days to come.


Michael Croft 0413401522         Ron Balderston 0410564752