Okanui! What is that?! Godzilla’s bride? Frankenstein, when he dropped a hammer on his toe?
No! An Okanui is a 1950’s era hollow timber surfboard, made in the hundreds in Australia. Ken Holloway had one, rescued from Maroubra SLSC. But it wasn’t quite, let's say, a surfboard. It was more a box of firewood, some long interesting curvy bits, and a beautiful painting of a swordfish.

Going Strong since 2016

A bunch of blokes from Helensburgh, Otford, and Stanwell Park got together
in 2016. ‘Let’s start a Men’s Shed,’ they said. ‘It’s been tried before, but let’s make it
happen this time. Plenty of land in the Burgh, we’ll be right.’
Here are three of them, creating a tabletop for a local café.
Hope Church and the Anglicans lent their support, more blokes joined up, and
the Shed was born, in the Stanny Park Anglican Hall.
So, we began. Making possum boxes, a play car for a Kindy, garden seats for

Is the Shed building an ark?!

No one would be surprised to hear that the Men’s Shed were building an ark to float
us all away from The Deluge of ’22. But no! The sounds emanating from the timber and
metal-working areas of your Men’s Shed were happy blokes making picnic wine caddy’s,
repairing rocking horses, making a Surprise for the Lions Mini Fair and so much more.
Even during the worst of the rain, the Shed’s friendship and laughter kept our spirits
up. Rosie’s Morning Brew warmed our tummies and our little vegetable garden went berserk
– cucumbers anyone?

Shed Arvo Tea

Your local Men’s Shed in the Burgh has opened its doors to the community through
our usual Mondays and Tuesdays, our Saturday Sale and Open Days, working with different
charities and organisations around town, Bunnings BBQ’s and local fetes and fairs.
To add to these, we are starting ‘First Monday’ afternoon teas for men to come and
visit the Shed, meet some of the blokes, have some refreshments and tour the facilities for a
look at what we do.
You might see Wayne working on a postie bike, or a possum box being made by Rod.


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