March 2020 2508 HMS Article

March 2020 2508 HMS Article


HMS to the Rescue

A little story this month, about a little Oriental-style side table, a family heirloom that had suffered water damage. Mark Bray, a new member of your Men’s Shed, brought the table along for a friend. It was in a very sorry state, with the intricately wrought table sections coming apart, the supports broken or missing and water staining throughout.

With help and guidance from other Men’s Shed blokes, Mark slowly but surely repaired, restored and brought back to life this old and cherished treasure. Janine, the owner of this little table, was overcome with joy at how beautiful it had become once again. Well done to Mark and the men.

As the Men’s Shed year progresses, we have several Men’s Health events occurring, with a Prostate Cancer Australia Ambassador speaking to the guys, and a grief counsellor speaking in March.

Contact the Shed for more info on these and all other Shed matters.

We would love to meet you at the Shed, hear your ideas and help with your life.

All men eighteen and above are welcome.


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