December 2020 HMS 2508 Article

December 2020 HMS 2508 Article

Your Men’s Shed gives a huge thank you to our members, our community and our Sponsors for all their support during this difficult year. We have been honored to assist various local groups and families with their projects, host Men’s Health events, keep all our blokes safe and well, standing Shoulder to Shoulder through this season.

Shedman (you remember him, don’t you?) even got to learn how to turn wood, use a spoke shave and do a bit of welding, plus he helped out a lovely lady….

“Edith’s Story: Men’s Shed to the rescue.

‘Nan’s’ treasured wooden bowl had deteriorated into a state that shamed the wonderful memories of how she secured it in the Trobriand Islands and went on to love and care for it until the time came to pass it on to the next generation. We turned to the Men’s Shed and sought their assistance in its restoration.

This wonderful group is the home of a significant group of men that boast many skills, lots of energy and best of all a most welcoming attitude for someone with a problem, challenge or need for a skilled someone to fix something.

Nan’s beautiful wooden bowl is back on display in our lounge, opening up memories about this wonderful woman that was so important in our lives for such a long time. The bowl was not only restored, we now know how to maintain its glory into the future so that the next generation can use it as their key to opening her special history in our intergenerational family story.

Thank you “Men’s Shed”. I love how you blokes gather together to do “stuff” and help people like me. I can do nothing short of recommending it as a viable option for that tricky, “hard to do” or unique thing requiring a “good bloke” to fix it.”


To the great organisations throughout 2508, the sporting clubs, the churches, Salvo’s, NINA, Lions, the RSL, the RFS, Helensburgh Help social media, this magazine; thank you all for ‘shouldering on,’ helping out this wonderful community in so many ways.

And to our Sponsors - Helensburgh Anglican, Hope Church, Tops Conference Centre, Helensburgh Tyres, Peabody Coal, Helensburgh Car Services, Handyman Timber, Razamataz Mobile Car Wash, Raine and Horne, Dave’s Endless Concreting, Christian’s Meats, newsXpress, our landlord Alan Blackwell; we couldn’t have done it without you.

We wish you a lovely Christmas and a safe and happy holiday. Our members Christmas Lunch is Monday the 14th of December, where we always have a great feed, great stories and fun awards including our ‘Safe Shedder of the Year’ award.

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199A Parkes Street Helensburgh 9-3 Monday and Tuesday.

Michael Croft 0413401522     Ron Balderston 0410564752

(Closed from 15th December until February 2021.)