November 2020 HMS 2508 Magazine Article

November 2020 HMS 2508 Magazine Article

When did we have our last tune-up?

The primary aim of any Men’s Shed is to improve and maintain local men’s health in a safe, friendly and inclusive venue, a place of purpose, achievement and social interaction. So, my question today is, are we ok or just battling through? Because our bodies are finely tuned wonder’s they need regular maintenance and the occasional repair to perform. But even our ‘old models’ can still perform well; just visit any Classic Car show and you can see how even the old fella’s still look great. So, what’s first?

Perhaps the computer (my head). When was my last dental check? Maybe I should rethink that next schooner or glass of wine, or do we need help keeping away from the pokies? Or am I too sad to care and just need a friendly shoulder?

Maybe we should look at that body of ours; just like the panels of a car, it’s what we see in the mirror. What’s that skin spot I’ve been ignoring? And why am I puffing, it wasn’t that many stairs.  (I’m talking to myself as well, everybody). Do I really need sugar in my tea?

And then there’s our drivetrain (our reproductive and digestive bits). PSA doesn’t stand for Pie Sounds Awesome (its ‘Prostate-Specific Antigen’). Get a prostate check! Eat your veggies and drink more water! Yes, water!

Speaking about food (the fuel and oil you need), did you hear about a famous retired footballer’s diet? ‘Eat less...exercise more’. Pretty simple. Move it and lose it. And keeping our relationships healthy is great too. Turn the TV off, put that phone down, take a walk with someone around this lovely town of ours and have a chat.

Your Helensburgh Men’s Shed. More than just timber and metal, we care about each other’s health. Come on in and have a look.   or


199A Parkes Street Helensburgh 9-3 Monday and Tuesday and more days to come.

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