Almost Boot-Scootin' at the Shed

Although we are Helensburgh Men’s Shed, and have been serving our community
since 2016, we often carry out projects for people outside the Burgh. We recently made a new
‘scooter-board’ (sounds good with an American accent) for Family Connections in Bangor.
Caitlin, a local lass, works there and got the Shed involved in creating this important
paediatric physio equipment. One of our new members, Stephen (Wood Wizard) Dodd,
created the scooter-board (remember the accent – come on) with help from other shedders.

Spreading the (Shed) Word

This year is the 30th Anniversary celebrating Men’s Sheds in Australia – and who do
we have to thank for that?
A woman, of course!
In 1993, Maxine Chaseling (nee Kitto), coordinator of The Heritage Club, an
activities centre for the older generations in Goolwa, South Australia, conceived the idea of a
men's shed after her own father had become depressed, stuck at home and no longer able to
work after suffering a heart attack.
She noticed that the only thing giving her father purpose was working in his shed.

All that Glitters

"After my uncle passed away, I visited family in Cessnock and found an old frame
with a hand-coloured photo of my pop, Jared Hill. He was born in 1917 in Durham, northern
England, and learned to play the trumpet as a young boy. When Pop, his three brothers, and
my great-grandparents migrated to Cessnock, he kept up his trumpeting and joined a local
Salvation Army band, where this photo originates.
When I was given the frame earlier this year, it was coated in thick layers of cracked,

The Shed. A place for everyone.

Did you know there are over 1200 Men’s Sheds in Australia? Bringing men together, working shoulder to shoulder, helping each other through life. Serving their communities, just like your Helensburgh Shed serves the 2508 area and beyond. One way in which we are helping our locals is through our new “Introduction to Woodworking for Women” classes.

The Best Country Fair

Many people from the 2508 community got the chance to meet and talk with Helensburgh Men’s Shed members at this year’s very successful Lion’s Club Country Fair. The Lion’s put on a wonderful Fair, full of enjoyable entertainment, good food, fun rides, local colour and beautiful craft. 

Well done to this dedicated team of volunteers!

The Invisible Man

The Face of the Men’s Shed
Around the ‘Burgh, and beyond, we often have interesting discussions about the Shed. ‘Oh, is it
still running? Where is it now? What IS a Men’s Shed?’ And the classic; ‘Oh, it’s just a bunch of
old guys tinkering’.
Let me set the scene;
A bloke retires and is lost for something meaningful to do, somewhere to go and someone to talk
to, a reason for getting out of bed. He has decades of skill and life experience to impart to others.


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