HMS 2508 Magazine May 2019 Article

HMS 2508 Magazine May Article



It's an exciting time at your Helensburgh Men's Shed. We have completed our move from Stanwell Park, set up our new wood and metal working areas, including a paint booth and dedicated timber and project storage areas, and created a welcoming display and meeting room, including a library and shop.


What’s even more encouraging, our membership is growing. Five new men have joined us so far this year, to stand shoulder to shoulder as we travel through life’s good times and life’s challenges.



Your Helensburgh Men’s Shed has moved to199A Parkes Street in the ‘Burgh, a rented, light-industrial factory, where we continue our aim to improve men’s mental, physical and spiritual health and give men a safe place to be themselves.


That’s great, isn’t it? Yes, and no. We outgrew the generously provided Anglican Hall in Stanwell Park. As we’ve moved and set up our new facility in town, we realise it too is temporary. The Shed has 30 members now, and with some 900 men aged between 55 and 79 in the 2508 area, this number will grow! (younger blokes are very welcome)

2508 February 2019 Magazine Article

2508 February 2019 Magazine Article

The shed cleanout. Tidying the garage. ‘I’ve told you for the last time, get that stuff out of here!!’ Downsizing. Making the other half happy. Dealing with the difficulties of a deceased estate. Moving house. Whatever it’s called, or however it’s come about, what to do with often perfectly good ‘stuff’ can be a real problem for many people.


Three blokes walked into a shed…..

‘Unreal!’ said the first.

‘Unbelievable!’ said the second.

The third bloke just smiled, and…. Well, you’ll just have to keep reading, won’t you?

There’s so much dry wit in the Shed at Stanny that even the morning brew can’t quench it. For instance, one young fella comes in, gung-ho to make his mark on The World of Shedding, and next thing he’s off looking for Mr Squiggles pencil.

December 2018 2508 Men’s Shed Article

December 2508 Men’s Shed Article


This year has been very rewarding in so many ways for the Men’s Shedders.

Great friendships grown, loneliness banished, and lives opened. They have shared their load of grief, loss or illness. There has been laughter, fun, and meaningful work. And so many Dad jokes! We have made our bodies tip top by removing any ‘Spanner in the Works’, gained from visiting Health Care professionals, and puffed away at our exercise classes on Monday afternoons.


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